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I've had a number of inquiries re this product so here's the basic info:

The Columbia Granger's World of Poetry on cd-rom
Columbia University Press
562 West 113th St.
New York NY 10025


I paid $999 Canadian from a local vendor.

Some features:
-complete text of 8500 best-known poems in English
-3000 quotations from 1500 additional great poems
--indexing for 550 anthologies with full descriptions and evaluations of
400 essential anthologie
-anthology locations for 90,000 poems by 15,000 poets
-4000 ssubjects
-contents of Grangers' index to poetry 8th ed.
Columbia Grangers index to poetry 9th ed; Columbia Granger's dictionary of
poetry quotations;Columbia Granger's guide to poetry anthologies
Computer requirements:
IBM XT 286,386 or fully compatible; PC/MS_DOS version 3.0 or higher;640K
primary memory (RAM); CD-ROM Drive using Microsoft esxtensions version 2.)
or higher

Hope this info is useful.
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