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A year ago I posted a message on LMNET that California might create a new
school library coordinator position in the California Department of Education
(CDE). I asked for information from other states about how similar positions
were structured and I received many responses. I want to thank all of you for
taking time to help us.

After a year's work and the enthusiastic cooperation of Gary Strong, State
Librarian, Dave Dawson, Acting Superintendent of Public Instruction, Fred
Tempes, Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, and
Mae Gundlach, Language Arts Consultant, the position is now a reality. It is
officially posted.

This position is funded with an LSCA grant. Our plan is to continue LSCA
funding for three years giving CDE time allocate funds to make the position
permanent. During this three year period the position will be on a Visiting
Educator status. This means that the person hired must be currently employed by
a California educational agency (district or county office of education, etc.)
and will be on loan to CDE. The person also must have a valid California
credential for school library media services.

The introductory statement on the job announcement reads:
"The School Library Coordinator is responsible for establishing and maintaining
statewide intellectual leadership to integrate school library resources and
instructional strategies in California's educational reform efforts." This is
followed by ten typical duty statements.

The creation of this position is good news of a major magnitude for California.
When the position is filled I will send another message out over LMNET.

Persons interested in applying should contact Patty Stevens, CDE Curriculum,
Instructions and Assessment Division, 916-653-3751.

John McGinnis
CMLEA President

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