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     This is the information that I have received about cataloging programs for
Macintosh.  I have written to CASPR in Cupertino, CA for information and a demo
disk of the program.  I will let you know how I like it after I preview the
                            Madeline L. Buchanan

I recently received MacCALM which was ordered from DEMCO.  I have only preview
it so far.  It is HyperCard based. Cost about $160.

Marcia Reed, Media Center Coordinator
St. Pius School, Toledo, OH


I have been using MacCards for about one year to type catalog cards.  It
is listed in most library catalogs (I think I ordered mine through
Highsmith).  Then, it cost about $200 from CASPR Inc.  1-800-852-2777 or
FAX at 415-446-1574.  These are the last numbers I had for them.

The program produces wonderful-looking cards.  I do have some
problems having it print all the cards I want after typing in several
titles.  It will allow you to choose what kinds of cards you wish to
make, but will not always print out the entire set.

The version I had was specially configured to use on my LaserWrite Select
300 at home.  The company does not recommend running it on personal laser
printers because of the weight of the paper.  So far, I have had no
problems, but I am also keeping my fingers crossed.

The computer cards are on perforated sheets and are obtained from almost any
company, again, I think I used Highsmith.

I manage two elementary buildings, about 630 students total.  All in all,
I do like the program because I hate typing cards on the typewriter.

If you have other questions, drop me a note.


Diane Johnson      djohnson@esu3.esu3.k12.ne.us
Elementary Media Specialist   Ralston Public Schools
4900 South 79th Avenue
Ralston, NE  68127    402-597-6982
FAX 402-331-4843

From William B. Sabatella

        I went from Quick Card on an Apple IIe to MacCards on a Macintosh
hooked up to a laser printer.  It was a painless transition.  In fact, I am
now able to produce catalog cards that are difficult to differentiate from
commercially produced cards.  The address of the company that produces
MacCards is
                10311 South De Anza Blvd.
                Cupertino, CA  95014
                (408) 446-3075.
        It is the best card production program I have encountered.  I hope
this information will help.  If you need further information, don't hesitate
to contact me at this address.

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