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You may obtain a list of public access dial up services for internet follow
the attached instructions. -=- or contact me direct by June 29.

Wade Grimes                  voice > 314 898 5553
Social Studies Dept Chair      fax > 314 898 3140
Audio Visual Dir CATV 18       net > wgrimes1@services.dese.state.mo.us
H L Purdin High School               wgrimes@bigcat.missouri.edu
Elsberry, Missouri 63343 0106
                                     -=0=-  A R S > WA0MHP  -=0=-

                                   Trade in your margarine for toys.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 1994 15:35:05 -0700
From: Peter Kaminski <kaminski@netcom.com>

 You will now receive new editions of thePublic Dialup Internet
 Access List via email as soon as I complete and distribute them.

To subscribe >  info-deli-server@netcom.com  with subject "subscribe

If you want to receive a current copy of the PDIAL as well, but
haven't, send an email message containing "Send PDIAL" to

If you have questions, comments or problems, you can contact me by email at
<kaminski@netcom.com> (preferred) or <71053.2155@compuserve.com>.

Thanks for your interest!

Peter Kaminski
The Information Deli
human: <kaminski@netcom.com>
archive server: <info-deli-server@netcom.com>

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