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Dear LM_NEtters,
        I posted this request a few weeks ago and received some replies from
others who are also interested, but not from anyone who has some answers, so
I'm trying again - assuming you were too busy to reply last go-round.

Can anyone recommend a poetry index on CD ROM for my K-6 library?  I
would consider one with the texts of the poems as well as one without.  I
have heard of Poem Finder and Granger's, but I haven't yet seen them.  I
expect to be getting a Mac (LC575), so I am most interested in a CD ROM that
will run on a Mac.  If anyone in Rhode Island or Massachusetts has Poem
Finder or Granger's or any other poetry index, I would like to visit your
library to look at it.
        Thanks to all for your help.     --Suzanne Cane, Providence, R.I.


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