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      I have been researching book awards available to grade 1-12
writers. I found four national contests/awards:
         Avon/Flare Young Adult Novel Competition (For ages 13-18)
         Elias Lieberman Student Poetry Award (For Gr 9-12)
         Kids Are Authors Awards
         Seventeen Fiction Contest
      Now for the questions LM_NETters:
     1. Are there any others(? I'm looking for awards that are
available to TEXAS residents.(If a Texas resident can't enter, then I
don't need to know about the award for this research project. I must
set my limits somewhere.)
     2. Are there any teachers or librarians out there that use these
or other awards (for K-12 writers only) as an incentive to get
students to write? If so, what is the general outline of your program
and what success have you had? Which awards do you favor?

     My purpose is to discover if school, school district, county,
regional, state, national, etc. writing awards are a realistic
incentive to use to get students to write?
     I'm interested in the success and failure stories.

             Thanks now,
                       Pam Long

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