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There is a company called Landmark Editions that sponsors a book writing
contest for children 6-19 "from all fifty states and Canada too."  They
publish and sell the winners in a series called Books for Students by
Students.  Maybe some other LM-Netters have experience with Landmark?

Pat Bartoshesky                  Saint Edmond's Academy
<pbarto@brahms.udel.edu>         2120 Veale Rd.  Wilmington DE 19810-4199
 302-475-5370                    FAX: 302-475-2256

On Tue, 28 Jun 1994, PAM LONG wrote:

>       I have been researching book awards available to grade 1-12
> writers. I found four national contests/awards:
>          Avon/Flare Young Adult Novel Competition (For ages 13-18)
>          Elias Lieberman Student Poetry Award (For Gr 9-12)
>          Kids Are Authors Awards
>          Seventeen Fiction Contest
>       Now for the questions LM_NETters:
>      1. Are there any others(? I'm looking for awards that are
> available to TEXAS residents.(If a Texas resident can't enter, then I
> don't need to know about the award for this research project. I must
> set my limits somewhere.)
>      2. Are there any teachers or librarians out there that use these
> or other awards (for K-12 writers only) as an incentive to get
> students to write? If so, what is the general outline of your program
> and what success have you had? Which awards do you favor?
>      My purpose is to discover if school, school district, county,
> regional, state, national, etc. writing awards are a realistic
> incentive to use to get students to write?
>      I'm interested in the success and failure stories.
>              Thanks now,
>                        Pam Long

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