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Megan, That is a problem in many schools:  possessiveness of materials used in
the curriculum.  By requiring the materials to be checked out,  you indicate to
the teachers that these materials are not THEIRS alone.  If one teacher has a
video signed out and another teacher wants to use it, I think you are perfectly
correct in asking the first teacher if the second one could use it.  You have a
certain handle on the teachers by having that video's check out card in your
possession.  Of course, some teachers will sign out a book or whatever and keep
it for ages.  Personal contact with them is sometimes the only way.  I
occasionally suggest to  a teacher that if she/he is going to use that material
every year, perhaps the teacher would prefer to own it, since when the material
is owned by the library it is to be used by all in the school.  Above all else,
keep your cool.  Between you and me, sometimes teachers can be annoying in their
attitudes and actions even the best.  They are human too.

Good luck.  Being an elementary librarian, school library media person, or
whatever we are called, is a great job.


Newton MA

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