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I would agree that we need to be sensitive to the purpose of the meeting,
and for my first three years at this site, I was.  The problem seems to
be that you get taken advantage of <REAL EASY>.  Its the thin end of the
wedge.  I have had administrators say "Well, you let them do it, why
can't I?"  (Talk about kindergarten behavior!)  As soon as one group
begins to use the library as a meeting place, then EVERY other group
seems to think it is their right to as well, and woe be to you if you
object.  Especially if you dare to let students use the building as it
was intended!

On Mon, 28 Feb 1994, Ken Haycock wrote:

> While understanding the frustration with finding teaching and learning
> space equated with meeting rooms, perhaps there is a need to be sensitive
> to the purpose and frequency as well. Is the resource center used as a
> meeting room once a month or once a year? Is the purpose to get
> administrators into other schools to talk about programs? Is the resource
> center the only room in the school capable of holding the meeting? Surely
> if this is relatively infrequent, planned in advance, used to inform and bring
> administrators to other sites and one of few options in terms of space, we
> need to understand their viewpoint as well and build on it.
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