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On Wed, 2 Mar 1994, Carol McCarthy wrote:
> Here's a challenge.  Does anyone know of internet resource or listserve
> for sports administration.  Also interested in sports administration
> software.  I have checked my resources with no luck.  Appreciate any help.
>         Carrol McCarthy  mccarthy@brahms.udel.edu
Dear LM_NET,

   If you want to be made aware of announcements of new listserv
discussion groups, you may want to subscribe to the service which
announces them, NEW-LIST.

   To subscribe to NEW-LIST, send the following command to:

          or LISTSERV@NDSUVM1.Bitnet  (Bitnet users only)

 in the BODY of e-mail:

      SUBSCRIBE NEW-LIST yourfirstname yourlastname

   For example:  SUBSCRIBE NEW-LIST   Jo Shmoe."


   NEW-LIST also accepts "last resort" list searches.  These should
have the Subject: start with  SEARCH: and should ONLY be sent AFTER
exhaustive searching of current sources and queries on other discussion
lists such as:

   NETSCOUT         NETSCOUT@ITESMVF1 The BITnet/Internet scouts.
   HELP-NET         HELP-NET@TEMPLEVM Bitnet/Internet Help Resource

   See the LISTSOF LISTS document for more information on how to find
existing lists.  To retrieve that document send e-mail to
LISTSERV@NDSUVM1.BITNET or LISTSERV@vm1.nodak.edu with the body
containing the command
   GET LISTSOF LISTS      *(_note the 2nd S in listSof_)


Best wishes,

Peter G. Milbury        Library Media Teacher / Mentor Teacher
Co-owner of LM_NET:  The School Library Media Discussion Group
pmilbur@eis.calstate.edu       ~       Voice/Fax: 916-891-3060
Pleasant Valley High School, 1475 East Avenue, Chico, CA 95926

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