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Considering our problems with Annie on My Mind and All-American Boys, I
can't IMAGINE the conflagration that would be caused by Advocate or Out.
I would be interested in knowing if your have responses to summarize!

On Wed, 2 Mar 1994, Madeline Johnson wrote:

> Dear LM_NETters,
> Our high school library is considering adding 'The Advocate' or 'Out' to
> our periodicals collections.  We currently subscribe to about 130
> periodicals.  Are there other high school libraries that subscribe to
> either of these?  Would they be worthy additions to our collection?
> Send responses to <rhines@cascade.nwnet.net>.  Answers will be summarized
> and posted.  Thanks...
> .....Madelynne Johnson.....madeline@cascade.nwnet.net

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