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        Another librarian asked me about books for a high school student who
had just disclosed being sexually abused by her father. The girl had
requested books about survivors' experiences.  I offered to give
her some titles, but then several others (we were at a local assoc. meeting)
asked for a bibliography.  I have lots that would be good for high school
kids (although I'm sure I've missed some) but my lists for elementary and
middles school are scant.  Can people send me lists of any books they know
to be good and the age range they are useful for?  I'll put together a
bibliography and post it for everyone. If you have books or materials that
have been helpful to teachers and/or counselors, I'll include those.  Also
for physical abuse, because those two can frequently go together.
Johanna Halbeisen, LMS                  We are confronted by
Rebecca M. Johnson School(k-8)          insurmountable opportunites.
Springfield, Massachusetts                              Pogo

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