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Re: Help requested 03/29/94 Marge Congress
barcoding 03/30/94 NAME *KATHLEEN SCHAEFFER*
WORLD ALMANAC cd 03/30/94 Paula Neale
Science REference Institute Handout: Math-Science Internet 03/30/94 JCONSTANT
Internet Greeting 03/30/94 Jerry Schnabel
test 03/30/94 RSCRUGGS
Re: Technology Grants 03/30/94 Pat Moshfeghian
TARGET-> Text in Illustration 03/30/94 Karen Peterson
thanks to all for interracial prom info 03/30/94 Lois J Roberts
Novel for 9th grade LA 03/30/94 Karen Carpenter
LCD Panels 03/30/94 Deborah J. Armstrong
Looking for info on KENTUCKY reform 03/30/94 Deborah J. Armstrong
Job description/technology 03/30/94 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
Re: TARGET --> Comparison of available FACTS ON FILE CD-ROMs 03/30/94 Diane Durbin
Re: Point of View 03/30/94 Mary M Woodard
state computer ed. network for KY? 03/30/94 Nancy Buchholz
PERIODICALS JOBBERS 03/30/94 Maureen Olsen
Re: TARGET --> Comparison of available FACTS ON FILE CD-ROMs 03/30/94 Carolyn K. Peterson
Re: state computer ed. network for KY? 03/30/94 Kathleen Lyssy
intellectual freedom 03/30/94 Debra Ortiz
Combination School/Public library 03/30/94 janet gill
Career Center Libraries 03/30/94 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
Re: barcoding 03/30/94 Lisa Walters
u.s. history 03/30/94 Mary Scholl
Help with a Holocaust Curriculum 03/30/94 Paul Clark
Re: Help with a Holocaust Curriculum 03/30/94 Betty Dawn Hamilton
Re: Internet Greeting 03/30/94 Winona Middle School
Re: barcoding 03/30/94 Winona Middle School
CDMARC Service 03/30/94 Patricia Fontes, Sarah W. Gibb (508) 836-7740
Transition to flexible scheduling 03/30/94 Patricia B. Heydweiller
Re: Combination School/Public library 03/30/94 Ken Haycock
NURSING LIST FOUND 03/31/94 Wade E. Grimes
Desparately Seeking Math Mentor 03/31/94 Doyle, Micaela
Video Title Search 03/31/94 RSCRUGGS
re INTERNET GREETING 03/31/94 Nexus Education Network : lm_net (Australia)
Re: Holocaust Bibliography 03/31/94 Margaret Cargo
Positive list of desired high school library behavior 03/31/94 BELINDA (CONNOR)
Power Macs for compatibility in library ??? 03/31/94 THE PRESCOTT PROTAGONIST
Thank You 03/31/94 DONNA GILLILAND
TARGET-->strong female main characters in fiction 03/31/94 mmiller3@albneric.bitnet
Re: Help with a Holocaust Curriculum 03/31/94 Bill Sears
BEST BOOKS 03/31/94 Jacqueline Van Willigen
barcoding advice 03/31/94 NAME *KATHLEEN SCHAEFFER*
Information on technology grant 03/31/94 Diane Culbertson
TARGET>Bird reports 03/31/94 Dolores A. Shidler
Proterm 03/31/94 Cindy Simpson
Combination School/Public Library 03/31/94 Canton High School
TARGET =>Placing rocks on tombstones 03/31/94 Mary Beth McKee
Trade book use in Language Arts 03/31/94 Marie Shaw
Re: Help with a Holocaust Curriculum 03/31/94 Brookline High School 617-730-2665
Miller Analogies 03/31/94 Corinne Wightman
Middle Schools and the Internet 03/31/94 Corinne Wightman
TARGET-> Biography 03/31/94 Kay Jones
Location for downloading various images 03/31/94 Sheila
Inside Insights Sought 03/31/94 BAHRPX
Ask A Scientist 03/31/94 Rita Kaikow (Oceanside High School)
End-of-year procedures 03/31/94 Madeline Buchanan
Ask a Scientist 03/31/94 David H. Ratner 904-676-1421
Holocaust 03/31/94 Mel Roseman
sexual abuse books 03/31/94 Johanna Halbeisen Rebecca Johnson School
looking for contacts career info comp.game designers, 03/31/94 Theresa Toy
looking for Lois Lowrey 03/31/94 Madeline Johnson
Re: Video Title Search 03/31/94 Lisa Walters
Barcoding 03/31/94 p. swan
MOSCOW OR BUST! 03/31/94 Nancy, media student
LM_NET Etiquette Tip of the Day 03/31/94 Peter G. Milbury, Librarian
State edu networks 03/31/94 Cecil Ralph Roberts
Call for articles 03/31/94 Barbara Tope
New Term for Info Superhighway, NII.. Infobahn 01/11/98 Bob Koechley

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