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Location for Images on the Internet: Grind Filesystem
Author: Tom Baltzell
Note:  Images are in the GIF, MPEG, and JPEG formats.  They are vieable, after
downloading, using the newest version of cshow or various other image viewers.

        There are a variety of image files at Grind Filesystem.  There are many
directories for the GIF files including: cars, people, history, wildlife,
anatomy, movies, and many others.  There aren't as many JPEG's and MPEG's.  The
files can be received through FTP or TELNET.  Downloading can be done using
Zmodem, Xmodem, or Kermit through telnet.

To connect usinf FTP:
1.  At the $ prompt type:
        FTP grind.isca.uiowa.edu  {return}
2.  You will be connected to the grind filesystem by the above command.  You
will need to log in as anonymous and use your e-mail address for your password.

They you will want to type:
        cd Image {return}
        This will change you to the image directory.
3.  Now you can choose which directory you would like to view like: jpeg, mpeg,
Gif, etc.  For the complete listing of dir's type: dir {return}.  Once you have
chosen that directory you should type:
        cd [name of that directory you chose]   {return}
        ex.  To join the GIF directory type:   cd GIF  {return}
4.  Once you are in the directory, you can get the file you want by typing the
RECEIVE command followed by the fuile you wish to receive.   This will send it
to your internet directory, where you will have to send to to you PC.

To connect using TELNET:
1.  At the $ prompt type:
        TELNET grind.isca.uiowa.edu  {return}
Once logged on, it will ask what protocol you will be using.  If at all possible
, choose Zmodem.  If you don't have that access, use kermit or xmodem.
2.  Then you can type "C" to change to a directory.  It will ask you, after
pressing C, what directory you wish to view.  The directories here are the same
as those in the FTP system.  Follow the patern given above.
3.. When you find a file that you wish to download, place the cursor next to it
and type: "D".  This will initiate a download.  If you chose Zmodem, it will
start automatically and download the file straight to your PC.

If you have any questions/comments, please e-mail me at: SBALTZELL@desire.wright
.edu.  On the subject line put: Attn. Tom Baltzell.

Tom Baltzell    Sbaltzell@desire.wright.edu
Happy networking!!!   :)

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