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Does anyone close to Seattle Washington receive Mine Extension University
on cable.  The University of Washington dropped ME/U from their broadcast
and I have four teachers who want the following programs taped.  I could
ship someone a set of tapes (we recycle donated Microsoft tapes) and pay for
their return afterthe taping is over.  If you can help, let me know ASAP.
The first show is tomorrow morning.

SAVINGS TIMES - ADJUST FOR YOUR AREA.  (Remember to adjust your VCR
clock, too!)

Sue Weiss
Ballard HS
Seattle, WA
(206) 281-601

        Do you receive MEU on your cable TV system?  The UW decided to
drop it, so no cable franchise in Washington has it.  Three math teachers
asked me to record a series of math programs early in the morning.

They are Math Basics
        Nov 3 4-4:30 am
        Nov 10 4-4:30 am
        Nov 17 4-4:30 am

The second program is For All Practical Purposes
        Nov 5   5:30-6 am
        Nov 6   same time
        Nov 12  same time
        Nov 13  same time
        Nov 19  same time
        Nov 20  same time
        Nov 26  same time
        Nov 27  same time

We planned to record these programs on recycled videotapes donated by

If you can help me out, I'll send you the tapes and pay for the UPS or
snailmail shippping after all programs have been recorded.

I have a cousin in Portland who I'm asking also.   He doesn't have cable,
though and is not sure a friend can do it for him.  How convoluted can
you get!  My next step in to go onto LM_NET!

This is really frustrating because three different math teachers asked

This is above and beyond the call of duty, I know.

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