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Many, many THANKS to all of you who have sent greetings for our
international internet Christmas tree.  In one week's time we have received
508 responses!!!  Our tree is shaping up nicely as we're all creating gold
angels in our sleep at this point (!), but the enthusiasm and support this
project has created is well worth every second of effort.  You are a great
bunch out there!

As far as the states are concerned, we are still in need of greetings from
the following:


We would also encourage as many countries as possible to respond - the more
the merrier!

Again, many thanks.  Will update everyone as the project progresses.

May we all hear the sounds of peace this holiday season!

Sherry Nelson,
Media Specialist
Burrillville Middle School
2220 Bronco Highway
Harrisville, RI  02830


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