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Betty -

In your posting, Crockett said:

>> At Mt. Pleasant High School,for a least one period a day our kids are
in control of their entireprogram.  They decide what they're going to
read, and they can also decide the grade they're going to make.......<<

We have one school in our district that has SSR (Silent Sustained
Reading) for 15 minutes/day, but nothing about the "grade they're going
to make." Does Mt. Pleasant have a separate grade for their reading
period? Is it a separate "class" (i.e. a separate teacher)?

Since, as far as I know, there is not a similar program in the elementary
districts which "feed" our high schools, would introduction of this
program at the high school level require a long-term committment on the
part of all (including the principal!) without appreciable improvement in
the short term?

We have VERY FEW independent readers in our school as far as I can tell.
I would like to see more readers, with the hope that it would flow over
into an appreciation for learning in general -- am I too optimistic?

Joyce Conklin            jconkli@ed.co.sanmateo.ca.us
Hillsdale High School
San Mateo, CA

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