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I would start by having the principal review their lesson plan book and
see how often they schedule 1:15 activities. It seems the length of time
is unreasonable.
Because of the different abilities and needs of the kids, there may also
be some issues involving _required_ trained assistence. ((Hum, the
spellcheck doesn't work. I mean some help. Either You get the training
form district, or they provide help. In our school, the Spec. Edstaff
take staggered breaks. And to be quite honest, often their breaks are
like ours, scheduled, but don't happen)
We went to a 'Neighborhood school' concept. Kids went to the school in
their area of attendence. so with 800 K-6 we have about 15 kids in
various levels of mainstreaming. First year, the Spec Ed teacher tried
bringing them in as a group. Yeah, the K downs and the 14 yearol working
at a 3rd grade level. DOESN"T WORK! Last year, they came in with their
'regular class'. Often with aide. Almost always worked.

These issues go way beyond 'personal relations. It is very important to
involve everyone involved (sometimes people don't realize that the issue
is in thier bailiwick). Talk with (in any order) a> Principal b> Union
rep c>Media Supervisor if your district has one d> Sup. of Elem.
Instruction (or who ever holds that power) e> the teacher involved. I
will be willing to bet that the parents might have something to say also
so f> PTO (atleast, you might get some volunteer help until the situation
gets resoved).

It is not so much that the kids are different, but that your duties and
program are being compromised.

Bob Eiffert Librarian, Image Elementary Vancouver WA
beiffert@egreen wednet.edu

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