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I received almost 20 replies to my request for favorite social studies
software.  However, almost half were requests to share the answers.  I am
posting first a list of the software recommended, then the complete
replies for those who want further information or may wish to ask the
person for more information.

From the messages recommending social studies software for secondary students
(9-12) and especially for new AP courses on World History and American
History, here are the choices:

Recommended three times:

        SIRS Researcher and SIRS Government Reporter

Recommended two times:


Recommended one time:

        CD Sourcebook of American History
        Social Studies titles from Tom Snyder Productions (many
                good ones)
        Multicultural CD by Gale Research, $700/network version
        Broderbund's Family Tree Package - $1,500.
        Grolier Electronic Encyclopedia
        Encarta (with Culturgrams)
        Who Built America? by Voyager
        3D Atlas, Version 2.0, by Electronic Arts
        SimCity and SimTown, by Maxis
        Where in America is Carmen Sandiego? by Broderbund
        Oregon Trail
        Presidents: A Picture History of Our Nation, by National Geographic
        Landmark Documents in American History, by Facts on File
        World War II, by Marshall Cavendish
        Exergy - Periodical, comes 4x per year, by ABC-Clio
        Famous American Speeches, by Oryx Press
        Colonization (simulation of the development of American
                colonies), by Microprose
        Vital Links (for American History)

Sources recommended to find good CD titles:

        Follett Spring 1996 CD catalog
        Reviews in Technology Connection and Multimedia Schools


From: Carol Simpson <csimpson@tenet.edu>
Subject: Re: Target>Sec: Social Studies Software

We really like CD Sourcebook of American History.  1000+ source documents
plus multi-volumes of interpretation and images.  It is fully searchable.
The one thing I don't like is that it uses Folio as the search engine, though
there are worse...
From: Colleen Small <csmall1@isd.net>
Subject: Re: Target>Sec: Social Studies Software

Check with Tom Snyder Software.  The have a lot of secondary software dealing
with current events & social studies.
From: Betty Dawn Hamilton <bhamilt@tenet.edu>
Subject: Re: Target>Sec: Social Studies Software

Diane, if you have a CD tower or drive, I critiqued a CD on
multi-cultural information in the U. S. from Gale Research.  It's quite good.
I plan to try to buy it this year if the software committee will approve. It's
about 400 or 500 for the stand-alone version and $700 for the network. I
notice they have quite a few other CDs that I would *love* to have.

Also, I'm thinking about introducing genealogy as a way of tying history to
students' lives.  Broderbund has CDs with a Family Tree Maker plus *Many* CDs
of records -- census, land records, marriages, deaths, etc. The entire set
will run about $1500 or a little less. We are currently previewing their
introduction package.
Subject: Re: Target>Sec: Social Studies Software

Dear Diane,
Do you have Groiler's 1996 multi-media encyclopedia or Encarta? Who Built
America? by Voyager is good. 3D Atlas by Electronic Arts is excellent. Street
Atlas USA, Version 2.0 is nice. SimCity and SimTown are very good problem
solving critical thinking CD's. Where is the USA is Carmen SanDiego? and
Oregon Trail are excellent, Presidents: A Picture History of Our Nation by
National Geographic. Landmark Documents in American History. Compton's
Encyclopedia of American History. You might like to try calling Follett and
requesting their Spring '96 CD-ROM Catalog, Grades K-12.  It is an excellent
resource for CD-ROM programs with descriptions and listings of recommendations
from excellent sources.
From: Shelley Glantz <glantz@meol.mass.edu>
Subject: Re: Target>Sec: Social Studies Software


I think the best all-around resources are  SIRS Researcher and SIRS
Government Reporter.

The Marshall Cavendish CD-ROM on World War II is also wonderful.
From: Sara Dinges <sdinges@jeffco.k12.co.us>
Subject: Re: Target>Sec: Social Studies Software

Vital Links is a great multimedia program for American History.
From: Mary Jo Godwin <mjgodwin@oryxpress.com>
Subject: RE: Social Studies software

Diane, Oryx has a multimedia cd-rom, Famous American Speeches, that is a good
resource for social studies collections. You can check it out at our website,
www.oryxpress.com or I would be glad to mail you a brochure. Hope this helps
with your search. Mary Jo

Mary Jo Godwin, Director of Marketing Services
The Oryx Press
4041 N. Central Ave. Ste. 700
Phoenix, AZ 85012-3397
602/265-2651 ext. 636
URL: http://www.oryxpress.com
From: "Mary N. Stallings" <mstallin@pen.k12.va.us>
Subject: Re: Target>Sec: Social Studies Software

The SIRS Govermment CD ROM and SIRS Researcher CD ROM, all
networkable, are terrific resources for social studies classes. Call this
number for info:
1-800-232-SIRS.  Hope this helps.
From: Linda Bertland <bertland@voicenet.com>
Subject: Re: Target>Sec: Social Studies Software

I work with middle school students and have no high school experience, but I
would recommend SimCity2000. If you are not familiar with it, it is the
incredibly real simulation of developing a city. It is by Maxis. It is very
popular with adults, and I have a group of very bright students who
come into the library everyday 45 minutes before school starts to work on
their cities. Students handled the budgeting and political problems of a city
as well as try to control crime, pollution, traffic, and all the problems that
a real city has. It would be good for classes in government or economics.

There is also a game called Colonization which is a simulation of the
development of the American Colonies. I would definitely preview this before
purchase to see how it would work with high school students. I play it myself
and it takes quite a while to learn the rules and really get a game going. I
have never used it with students. It is by Microprose.
From: emclane@int1.mhrcc.org
Subject: Re: Target>Sec: Social Studies Software

        I would consider SIRS Govt. Reporter and Researcher.
How about an Internet connection for Global Studies?
From: "Jeanette B. Heath" <heathf@dreamscape.com>
Subject: Re: Target>Sec: Social Studies Software

Our #1 CD-ROM favorite is EXEGY.  This PERIODICAL (comes 4x/yr.) covers all
the nations of the world.  There are different sections on current events,
geography, maps, social issues, conflicts, gov't, tourist areas, sports,
etc..  It is sold by ABC-CLIO, and I am home so I don't have their phone
number. If you can't get it from the 800 directory, e-mail me back, and I'll
send the phone # to you from school in two weeks.  I can't say enough about
this product.  (I am not an employee of the company, just a very
satisfied customer.

Oh, I also heard on LM_NET that culturegrams, which was published in
paper/loose leaf binder, has now been included in the new ENCARTA Encyclopedia
 on cd-rom.  I also love Encarta, and am purchasing it over Grolier this year.

Hope this helps.

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