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This questionaire is frokm *Administering the School Library Media
Center * by Betty Morris (and others) published by Bowker..3rd
edition 1992.
  I have listed both elem. and secondary.  This book also has forms
for faculty and principal etc.

  Students answer N for no, Y for yes, and ? for don't know.

1. The media teacher helps me when I need it.    Y   N   ?
2. The media teacher gives me ideas about ways to do
    assignments.                                 Y   N   ?
3. The media teacher shows me how to use AV equipment. Y  N ?
4. The media center has books I can use for assignments. Y N ?
5. The media center has books I can read for fun.  Y  N  ?
6. The media center has fair rules.   Y N ?
7. The media teacher enforces the rules fairly.  Y N ?
8. I have been taught how to use the media center.  Y N ?
9. I have been taught how to use the media center computers. Y N ?
10. I want to learn more about how to use the media center. Y N ?
11. The media teacher does things to make me want to come to the media
    center.   Y  N  ?
12. I do the bulletin board puzzles.  Y N ?
      a. I learn by doin them  Y N ?
      b.  They are too hard for me.  Y N ?
 For this question, place 1 for choice you like best, 2 for the next
choice and so on.

13. When we come to the media center as  a class I like to:
    Listen to a story  ____________
    Do a blackboard puzzle  _______
   Watch a filmstrip/video   ___________
   Learn how to use the media center ______


Student indicate your grade level ________

1, How many study halls do you have each week?___

Check the amount of time you use the center each week:

                          Hardly   Teacher   Several  Almost
                          Ever     Sends     times    every
Purpose                                       A Week    Day
A. Find Materials for
B. Find Materials for
C. Do textbook work
D. Meet friends
E. Socialize before School
F. Study before School
G. Wait for something
   after school
H. Study after school
I. Other ______

3. Do you use other libraries?
4. If so, which other libraries do you use?
  Public in our town?_____
  College library ____
  Have someone bring me materials from_____________
5. Why do you use these libraries?________________

6. Comment on the adequacy (or lack of) in our center:
   a. space (tables, carrels, chairs)______________
   b. Accessibility (getting in, hours)_____________
   c. Assistance provided ot answer questions_______
   d. Collection (books, films, tapes, periodicals) _______

7. Are there subjects for which your teachers require little or no use
of the center?
Give the subject names only!______________-

8. How many books hve you  read so far this year for classwork
other than your textbook?___________
for pleasure________________

9. Do you find materials for assignments:
   almost always
   hardly ever
   do not try to get any

10. Do you find materials for pleasure:
  almost always
   hardly ever
  do not try

11. If you have not found what you  needed inour center, indiate what
these shortages ahve been.  PLEASE BE SPECIFIC.  (Do not indicate
"history" but give things such as Polk's Presidency, Council at Trent
etc.)  If you wish, give specific titles or authors.

12. Make additional suggestions on the back of this sheet.

I hope this helps those in need of an evaluation method.

Mary Ludwick         Ludwick@tenet.edu

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