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Hi and sorry it has taken so long to get this HIT back to the group.

Several people responded to my request about library clubs. Here is a summary
of the replies:

Many used library club members as library aides.Among the chores performed

Stamping in new books.
Bulletin Boards/Decorate library
Interlibrary loan slips
Adopt a shelf for shelving purposes
Help deliver overdue notices
Sharpen pencils
Make bookmarks
Check in magazines
Stamp date due cards
Deliver library materials to classrooms

Some extraordinary activities include:

Host paperback book swap
Run a book fair
Other fundraisers

Really fun ideas:

Having a picnic with another school's library club
Book/movie discussion once a week during a brown bag lunch in library
Movie once a month on a book or author
Poetry readings
English Tea!
Visit college library

Rewards include goodie table, pizza party, picnics

Many advised against having students shelve - they get bored easily and
Many advised/warned against having students move av equipment around, but
older ones can often trouble shoot in classroom equipment ( wrong channel,
rewinding, etc.)
Many can with CD instruction and printer problems.

It is best to meet and find out what the group wants to do, and if you want
the club as aides or as a literary group. If they are aides, many advised
only one student per period  and that students should be expected to work at
least twice a week. Also, IF you can, try to have a say in who belongs,
rather than just open it up to anyone, and make it clear what is expected of

Again, thanks to all who responded.

Deb Dalton

So library clubs seem to include both a chore aspect as well as a literary
expansion aspect - sort of like OUR job, funny thing about that.

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