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An additional message regarding my hit.

Jeanette Heath

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Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 09:17:11 -0500
From: Ellen Dibble <ses@bluemarble.net>
To: Heath@oswego.Oswego.EDU
Subject: Apple II and internet

Dear Jeannette,  I missed your question about Apple IIe's and the internet.
I did install a system at SES that uses the Digicard network to provide
Global Schoolnet service to all our classrooms and two computer labs. (The
limit is 96 stations.)  The system needs a IIGS though to handle the modem
station.  This allows for 300 email addresses and several education-related
listservs including lm-net and ed-tech, kidsnet, etc. (about 64) also you
can advertise to do an email project with others on the network.  There is
at least a day's delay because the internet calls go out in a batch at night
and mail is returned to you in the same batch.  It is a wonderful system and
the folks at global schoolnet are really interested in using
telecommunications to expand the horizons of students and teachers.  They
are at gsn.org on the www. Ellen Dibble

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