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        Our school corp. has had trouble with the updated version of Scribe
software and is currently looking into other options.  If you have had any
experiences with Scribe software in the past, please respond to the
following questions at my email address below:

        Have you had any problems with the new Scribe update?
        If so, is your software on a stand-alone computer or a network?
        When you contacted the company, were you told that the problem was
with your system (i.e.: Novell), and not theirs?

        We are looking for some advice from current users of Gateway
software.  Please respond to the following questions at my email address

        How long have you used Gateway software?
        What are you running the Gateway software on... - Novell, AS400
system, etc.?
        How often do you need to call the company for support?
        Does your school need to provide their own school personnel to act
as maintenance support for the Gateway software or is it fairly

We need your advice by mid-Nov. so that we can make a decision about what
to do in the future.
Thank you for your help!!

                 Dawn L.Hays
  @    @    @    Information Specialist      @    @    @
 \|/  \|/  \|/   McClelland Elementary      \|/  \|/  \|/
===============  Indianapolis, IN          ================
                 email: jhays@surf-ici.com
                 School Fax:  (317)484-3123
                 Home Fax:  (317)887-9572

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