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Good morning,

        I believe the easiest method would be to contact a brokerage
company (PaineWebber, Merrill Lynch, etc.) in your area.

        There is a small book (free to investors) that lists every

Good luck!
Debby Sue

On Mon, 4 Nov 1996 18:55:39 GMT "Richard R. Shook"
<edcen.ehhs.cmich.edu!rshook@EDCEN.EHHS.CMICH.EDU> writes:
>     High School Social Studies Teacher wants listing of companies
>on various stock exchanges with their symbols (letter codes)
>AND, conversely,
>listing of symbols/letter codes with company name identifications?
>Available?  Where?  Net/Web?
>Please reply to me and I will pass along to her.  Thanks.
>Richard Librarian

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