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Do you have experience with either of the Learning Company's desktop
publishing programs:

1. _Student Writing Center_ which has been out for several years and is
billed in the catalog as Gr. 4 up,
2. _Ultimate Writing and Creativity Center_ which came out this year and is
billed as Gr. 2-5.

It would appear that _Ultimate_ doesn't have all the capabilities of
_Student_, such as thesaurus, footnotes, headers, but might be more
appealing to younger grades.

Anybody have an opinion?   I need this info as soon as possible as we are
likely to choose one of these programs for a grade three and four LAN this
coming week.
     TIA    Joan

Joan Kimball (jkim@borg.com)
Clinton, NY
Hart's Hill Elementary School Library
Clark Mills Road, Whitesboro, NY 13492

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