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Happy 1997 to all of you and isn't it wonderful to be back on the job?

I need some help.  My principal is exploring the idea of setting up a
parent resource room for parents of chapter one students (and hopefully
other interested parents).  We're exploring the possibility of making this
a room that is adjacent to our media center.  At this point, we are in the
"brainstorming" stage, but we're thinking about providing computer and
video resources as well as books for parents to use on site and to check
out.  This room would be staffed by a full-time professional whose job
would be to work specifically with parents.  My question is ... Do any of
you have a program that is similar to this or can you give me ideas as to
where I might look for helpful information?   We would be interested in job
descriptions for parent resource persons or any other information you might
provide on promoting parental involvement in your school districts.

Our building is a PreK-3 building.

Thank you!

Wanda Hinshaw
Leland O. Mills Elementary
P.O. Box 1960
Lake Ozark, MO  65049
Phone: 573-365-5341
FAX:  573-365-5394
E-mail: whinshaw@is.usmo.com

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