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I was a certified head librarian in a public library for about
seven years and am now a school librarian. Like Catharine D. Wolf,
I also have strong empathy for both groups.

As a head librarian my salary was about one third of what I am
now earning. I was paid for thirty hours but averaged about sixty.
We were understaffed but there was no hope of improving the
situation because my trustees priority was to lower property
taxes, not improve library service. As the head librarian I was the
project director for many local history programs, had a weekly
pre-school story hour, ran the summer reading program, and taught
patrons how to use the library's resources.

As a school librarian I am again working more hours than I
am paid but I don't have to deal with trustees. My principal
strongly supports the library and appreciates what I do. I am
again teaching library skills, but in a more formal setting.

I have the greatest respect for our local public librarians.
They work very hard and provide a great service to our


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