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The copyright laws are still evolving regarding electronic media.  There is a
PBS teleconference scheduled for Feb. 20 on this topic.  If you're interested
in either being a host site or purchasing a copy of the presentation after it
occurs, call PBS' ALSS line.   Sorry, I don't have the number offhand.

I have recently heard that congressional guidelines regarding electronic media
have been approved.  These are not laws, but guidelines, in the same manner as
the off-air guidelines that Congress approved many years ago.  You can request
a copy of these guidelines through your US Congressperson's office.

Basically, it comes down to this:  the field is still so new, that no one
really knows what to do with it yet!


Barbara Herbert   <herbert@georgian.edu>
Georgian Court College
Lakewood, NJ  08701-2697

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