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This is the first time I have posted a HIT-hope this is the right way.
Thank you for all of the responses to my question about author videos.
Suggestions:  Book Club companies such as Troll, Trumpet and Scholastic
offer these videos for minimal costs or free with points from book orders;
videos may also be found in catalogs for Random House, Library Video Company
and Weston Woods.The following companies and addresses were also included:
American School Publishers
155 Wacker Drive
Box 4520
Chicago, Ill 60608  (double check address-it is from 1988)

Tim Podell Productions
P.O.Box 244
Scarborough, NY 10510

The book ABC's of Author/Illustrator Visits published by Linworth Publishing
in 1994 contains a section of author video sources.

Again, many thanks.

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