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I have a social science teacher integrating the internet with Waverly's
global studies curriculum. She would like keypals that are both national
and international. We are from  Waverly High School in Lansing,
Michigan. We are 9th-12th grade with approx. 1050 students. She has
tried finding keypals by searching for sources on the Internet and found
it to be difficult. She would also like to have chats with student
groups who are studying similiar things. The entire social studies staff
next year wants to make this part of the curriculum. We have about 70
computers online right now so we have the capability to do quite a bit.
If you know of anybody who would like to help us out with either
suggestions on how to contact other schools or if you know of a teacher
who would like to have keypals e-mail me or

Melissa Hutto
Waverly High School Media Specialist

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