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LM_NET  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
March 1, 1997

This listing of questions frequently asked (and answered) on LM_NET has
been created in hope of reducing some of the repetition encountered by our
members. Members may wish to save the FAQ for quick reference.  We post
this twice each month, note in subject line when changes are made, and
mark with an asterisk (*)in the contents items updated that issue.

Information in items 1,2,3,4 & 5 comes from postings to the listserv.  We
can take no responsibility for accuracy.  Please direct corrections or
updates of this information to:  sbaker@orca.esd114.wednet.edu

  1. biblographic citations for electronic resources
  2. -gry words
  3. sources for keypals/penpals
  4. sources for internet acceptable use policies
  5. listservs for educators and others
  6. signing off LM_NET
  7. temporarily stopping LM_NET mail
*8. reaching the LM_NET archives

*****1. Bibliographic citations for electronic resources*****
MLA Examples:
Take a look at the interactive forms at:
APA examples:
Web Extension to APA Style
 Citation Guide for History and Humanities (derived from
                                        Turabian, 5th ed.)
Print resources:
Xia Li and Nancy B. Crane's Electronic Style (Westport,CT: Meckler

*****2. -gry words*****
Language Puzzle Solutions:
Search the Stumpers archive:
In Richard Lederer's _Adventures of a Verbivore_....at least 50 -gry words
in addition to angry and hungry and every one of them is either a variant
spelling, as in augry for augury, ... or ridiculously obscure, as in
anhungry, an obsolete
synonym for hungry; aggry, a kind of variegated glass bead much in use in
the Gold Coast of West Africa; puggry, a Hindu scarf wrapped around the
helmet or hat and trailing down the back to keep the hot sun off one's
neck, or gry, a
medieval unit of measurement equaling one-tenth of a line.
>From an article in the Chicago Tribune, Ap 17, 1981 by Jack Mabley:
anhungry & mawgry.

*****3. sources for keypals/penpals*****
For "keypals", try these:

- KIDINTRO@sjuvm.stjohns.edu    A penpal intro group for kids.
- http://www.usa.net/~pitsco/pitsco/keypals.html
         - keypals from different countries
- FLTEACH (http://cnidr.org:90/lists.html) for Spanish and
French keypals
     CyberFriends       http://www.dare.com/fr_main.htm
     CyberKids     http://www.woodwind.com/mtlake/CyberKids/
     Find a Key Pal     http://www.kidscom.com/
     Exchange Programs    http://www.eskimo.com/~user/zpenpal.html
     E-Mail Key Pal Connection   http://www.comenius.com/index.html
     The Global Classroom Keypal Page
     Global Rigby Keypals
     Looking for Keypals
     Heinemann Global Keypals Email anyone on the list with
          a mouse click or post your own request for keypals or
          partner classes. Grades (approx.) 7-12. Another great
          place to seek and find.
     Mighty Media's KeyPals Club   ht
                                       Example "sub JTIT-L Jane Doe" email
to lx

     Keypals -  A listserv for educator's searching for individual or
          classroom pen pals:  keypals@esd105.wednet.edu
     K12Pals - Electronic Communication and Pen Pals:
      PEN-PALS -  Pen Pals
     PENPAL-L   -  Electronic Communication and Pen Pals
     PENPAL-L   -  On-line penpal exchange
     TESLEC-L   -  Electronic Communication and Pen Pals
     IECC  -  International E-Mail Classroom Connections
          (This list is not for discussion or for individual penpals,
but only for teachers seeking partner classrooms for   international or
cross-cultural connections.)

For "old fashioned" penpals

Gifted Children's Penpals International (GCPPI)  [ages 4-18], contact:
     Dr. Debby Sue Vandevender
    3076 Silver Maple Drive  Virginia Beach, VA  23452-6772
  phone/fax:  (757) 431-1017    e-mail - debbysue@juno.com

Japan Penpals' League, P.O. Box 121, Okayama,  700-91 Japan.

The following addresses came from the Kids Address Book by Levine.
--International Pen Pals,  P.O. Box 290065,  Brooklyn, NY 11229
--Science Fiction Pen Pal Center,  P.O. Box 2522,  Renton, WA  98056
--World Pen Pals,  1694 Como Ave.,  St. Paul, MN  55108

*****4. sources for internet acceptable use policies*****

   ->17. Internet Guides and Directories/
   ->1. Acceptable Use  Policies/Agreements

   ->2. More about  armadillo and other gophers/
   ->2. Acceptable and unacceptable  use of net

   ->9. K-12 Acceptable Use Policies

   ->4. Internet documents
   -> Acceptable  Use Policies

A simple way to start a search for this information is to do a webcrawler
search--to do this if you have only a lynx connection to the world wide
web is this -- type:  lynx http://www.webcrawler.com
when you get there simply follow the directions.

*****5. listservs for educators and others*****
Tile.Net.   is a directory that allows you to locate listservs by subject
or name and provides you with current subscription information.
The address is http://tile.net/listserv/
Lists of  educational listservs:
Resource tool on the Web:  Shirl's Internet Toolbox
http://www.bcr.org/garden.html.   Scroll down to the 6th group "Find an
internet mailing list"  Click on "Listserv All-in-One Resource" and go
from there.  There are lots  of other goodies on this page as well.
        A shortcut to listserv searches can also be found at:
Good list of lists available on the web or gopher...usually known as the
Kovacs list, real name is the Directory of Scholarly and Professional
E-Conferences. The access information is taken from a posting distributed
on Net-Happenings. list, real name is the Directory of Scholarly and
Professional E-Conferences. The access information is taken from a posting
distributed on Net-Happenings.

Contact:  Paul Kramer paul@n2h2.com

Information/Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences
Contact: Earl Fogel earl.fogel@usask.ca
 One source is *John December's List of Mailing Lists*
FTP access  address: ftp.rpi.edu
Instructions: To change directories type  cd pub/communications
Then type   get internet.cmc
The listserv file will be downloaded.

*****6. signing off LM_NET*****
 In the event that you want to unsubscribe/sign off from LM_NET....
  1.  Send your signoff message to:

  2. Send these words in the first line of the message:
     signoff lm_net
      and you will be dropped.  (No other words are necessary.)

*****7.  Temporarily Stopping Mail From LM_NET*****
If you want to stop receiving mail from LM_NET for a period of time, all
you have to do is send a specific message to the listserv computer which
handles LM_NET mail.
  Send the message to this address:  listserv@listserv.syr.edu
In the body of the message, on the first line, type the following:
   set lm_net nomail
To restart your LM_NET mail, send to the same address, the following:
   set lm_net mail

*****8. finding the LM_NET archives*****
   The LM_NET Archives, LM_Netiquette, the membership directory  and
related information is available on the World Wide Web

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