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I'm happy to announce that my alma mater--Univ. of Wisc. at Madison still
offers cataloging, child. lit. & YA lit.  I find that I really want to
repeat the lit courses periodically (preferable with different staff,
students & reading lists) just to keep current and to broaden my  horizons.
I've had both courses at least twice between undergrad (a million years ago)
and grad.  Subscribing to the CCBC book discussion list helps me as well.  I
really feel that I need the challenge of reading and discussing to help me
stay up to date with both childrens & YA lit.

On the other hand--I really don't want to repeat cataloging again--yep, did
that one twice also.  I do agree that it is VERY necessary and I use what I
learned constantly.  If I'm really stuck or confused, I always have my
wonderful colleagues on LM_Net to help out.

Anne Oelke                                     | "Some days are like that,
acoelke@peoples.net                   |  even in Australia!"
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