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Anyone have a clue as to how I can retrieve the snail-mail addresses of
all of the schools in Washington State off the Net?  Or, does anyone have
those addresses that they could send to me?  I need them, but I wouldn't
know where to begin.  I did try a search for "Washington Department Of
Education", but that came up blank.  Any help would be tremendously

   |%|   Marian S. Colclasure     |   e-mail:   mcol@rps.nwsc.k12.ar.us  |%|
   |%|   Garfield School Library  or  Rogers Kindergarten Center Library |%|
   |%|   P.O. Box 69              |   1302 South 5th Street              |%|
   |%|   Garfield, Arkansas 72732 |   Rogers, Arkansas  72756            |%|

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