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This social secuity number discussion brings to mind the following
cautionary tale. Long story to follow--feel free to use the delete key.
          In my NY state school district, we are told that the district is
required to provide staff with "right to know" training (health and safety
issues).  further, we are told that we are required to attend.  Each of
these items is in some dispute, but that's a different story).  At the last
session provided in our district, a clipboard went around for staff to
sign, including SSN to prove we'd been in attendance.  It happened that the
clipboard was left to lie around for the entire day in a public area of the
        Later, I protested strongly that we should not have to provide our SSN for
this purpose, that surely another method could be used if indeed it was
even necessary.  The superintendent disagrees saying this is the only way
to enusre that staff is properly trained.  The "right to know" trainer says
he has the right to request that information.  When I pressed him, he said
he could ask for it, but I didn't have to provide it.  Of course, that is
not made widely known.
        Of course, I researched this issue further and discovered there is a very
limited number of agencies who are authorized to demand SSNs.  Most
research indicated the need to be very cautious about where your SSN is
used.   Some states use that number as a drivers license ID (at least
several months ago when I did the research).  Recently I refused to give
the Red Cross my SSN when giving blood.  This created quite a stir when I
threatened to "make up" a number, but they took my blood and sent me a new
card--with my SSN prominently on it. This hasn't yet been resolved.
        Anyway, the bottom line is, be VERY cautious.  Do not give out your SSN
without absolute good cause.  Pat D
Patricia Dalpiaz
Harpursville Central School
High School Library
PO Box 147
Harpursville NY  13787
607-693-2500 ext 2155
607-693-1480 FAX

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