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Thanks to all who shared such helpful information!  I knew we
could count on LM_NET for the info we needed.

There were several requests for for a HIT so here it is.
NOTE:  p.  =  portfolios

1.  In my old school district we were required to submit professional
p. to what they called the Career Ladder office.  They made
copies of old p. available so we could look at them, but then they
kept changing the guidelines every year.  My suggestion is to contact
the office that you are to submit this to and ask if they have copies
of old ones so that you can see a model of how it's done.  What I
discovered was that the people in charge of this in our district
liked graphs and charts, it gave me a chance to put my old home
edition of MS Works to work.

2.   I had the "joy" of doing this last year because it was required
for a job interview.  Let me just say it is very time consuming!!
There are some great resources out there, though.  I would strongly
recommend you ask around and get some other people's p.  Looking at
what other people have done (and stealing the ideas you like) will
help the most.

There is a small paperback book out about creating a professional
teaching p., but the exact title escapes me.  If you do a keyword
search on www.amazon.com it will come up.  I think it is around $16.
I have several journal articles, but  they are on reserve at the
library for a class I'm teaching so I don't know what the titles are.
You'll probably come up with them if you search ERIC.

3.  I took a workshop on this a couple of years ago and have done two
p.  I think p. are a wonderful way to present yourself and what you
do.  I have gotten into the habit of starting a "p. folder" at the
beginning of the school year which I just toss everything in - I
generally concentrate on what I do instructionally (sample lessons, I
purchase a disposable camera and take those "cute" pictures as they
present themselves - hard to find the time to do, but well worth
it!), examples of collaboration with teachers, how I promote reading,
professional development activities, and any extra things I happen to
be involved in during the year  (interview committees,
extra-curricular things, my supervisory duties, etc.)  I organize all
of this stuff in a notebook by category.   It generally looks very
impressive and you'll surprise yourself with all that you do and then
forget about!!  Good luck!

4.  While I have not heard of a professional p. being required in the
course of employment I have created a professional p. for use in
interviews for the position of library media specialist.  The p.
ALWAYS made a hit and an impression.  One interviewer in a district
where I turned down a position asked to borrow the p. because it
provided a great overview of the work, responsibilities, and
possibilities for a LMS.  I have advised many new librarians to use
these during interviewing.

What did  the p. include?

In an attractively covered slim loose leaf binder were:

 - photos of special displays and exhibits in my libraries (if you
are a new graduate be sure to do something special during your
internship and take pictures)
 - copy of your library brochure (created for parents on open school
 - copy of formal library reports to principal, adminstrator, Board
of Ed., etc.
 - copies of any newspaper coverage of library program and events
 - copies of your library bulletin (I send out at least one of these
each month covering new additions to the collection, library
programs, contests, media notes, etc.)
 - copies of any flyers or letters for special programs
 - copies of any publicity or awards you have received in the way of
scholarships or grants
 - photos or other documentation of your work in professional library
 -  etc., etc., etc.

All of the pages were in plastic sleeves and wherever possible
duplicated material was copied onto colored paper to add variety.

Once you start gathering material you may be surprised at what you
already have to offer.

5.  I learned from watching administrators bully media sp. long ago
to keep a current p. at all times.  (the remainder of this entry
is paraphrased due to the computer format in which it was
received)  p. are handy for job interviews;  compiling one is time
consuming but it will become a habit; used a binder divided into
sections (Programs, Inservice, Newsletter, etc.)  Use cagegories
which fit your LMC.  Everytime you send out a newsletter, memo of
importance, design a flyer for a program...insert a copy into the

It is hoped that this  hit will prove helpful to you.  Again, thanks
to these who took time to share.  LM_NET cannot be topped when it
comes to receiving great help!

Best wishes,

Micki Johnston, Media Specialist
Pyron Elementary School (K-3)
1903 Clark Road
Clarksville, AR  72830
(501) 754-2893

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