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I have organized a reading contest which is held between two classes at a
time.  Each class is a team and selects award-winning books from a cart.
At the end of three weeks, these books are returned and the classes read
each others books.  At the end of six weeks the two classes sit as teams
in the library where I take turns asking the teams short answer questions
about the books.  The right to answer first rotates.  At the end of the
period, the team with the most points is declared a winner.

The teachers support this contest in many ways--they help read and make
questions on each year's crop of best books.  They give class time
occasionally for reading the books.  They assign projects dealing with
the books--quite often the students are asked to make up questions.  The
contest is a lot of fun and has sometimes ended in a tie.  The teachers
decide how they will reward the winning team.  We call the contest BOOK
CHALLENGE but since that now has the connotation of a book censorship I
will probably rename it.  I am thinking of making the bibliography and
questions available through some company since I am retiring this year.
It has served our purposes very well.

Lynn McCree, Librarian
Martin Jr. High
Austin, Texas

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