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Hit: Library Maintenance Part 2 of 5

I take this opportunity to thank my colleagues on the Net for sharing
information on library cleaning.  The volume of responses overwhelmed me. To
add to my dilemma, I am not good with statistics so I have chosen this
format for the HIT.  I have cut and pasted in order to retain the spirit in
which the comments were made.

- 3.  How often and by whom are your library shelves cleaned?

-    whenever we have time, by student library aides
-    as needed and whenever a shelf is emptied for any reason.
-    once a year by the lmc staff
-    it is usually because I have convinced a student to do it for me.
Sometimes one of the administrators asks if a student can spend time in the
media center for various reasons,  (will get in trouble during recess, is
finished with work in in-school suspension) and I use these students to dust
the shelves and tops of book cases.
-    rarely, and by me
-    Never, unless the janitors do it.
-    that's my job, so it gets done rarely. I'll swipe at a shelf if it's
crawling with dust bunnies or looks terrible, but as far as scheduled,
regular cleaning - doesn't happen.
-    Over the summer depending on the whim of the custodians,
-    by myself and assistant as needed
-    My assistant generally dusts inside the shelves as needed during the
-    by volunteer aide  when she gets to it (usually annually)
-    my aides and I
-    Custodian dusts approx. twice a week. Student volunteers dust approx. 1
a week
-    I've been campaigning to get them cleaned in the summer for the past 10
years with no success. My aide and I try to clean them as we work with them
but don't get them all done regularly.
-    only by me as needed
-    librarian/aide during end of year inventory
-    I can't stand the dust and so I do it!
-    ME, the librarian (When there was overtime it was two hours a week and
portions were dusted each evening so that the entire library shelving was
cleaned at least twice a year--removing books to a cart and dusting each one
and the shelves and vacuuming the shelves - I have student assistants who
dust individual shelves, then I am responsible for major cleaning/polishing
etc-my students cannot reach the
top of the shelves.
-    If I have to move books, I clean the shelves.
-    Our cleaning person dusts just about everything except the books and
the part of the shelf where the books sit. She was told by our previous
director not to touch them; so right now they are incredibly dusty and we
have asked that dusting them would be a summer project for the cleaning
staff, but there may be a squabble over cost---if that is the case, I've
asked our only summer, paid employee if she'd be willing to do it and she
said yes, but that's our back-up plan. Next year, I'll ask that the cleaning
staff run one
of those dust wands behind the books and over them on a regular basis.
-    dusted weekly by custodian
-    My aide moves all books and equipment once a year for thorough dusting;
she does this a bit at a time all year.
-    when I complain
-    Whenever they get so bad that I can't stand them, I clean them or get
my students to help me do it.
-    Shelves cleaned by me, when I have time!
-    The maids, myself and my aide
-    once or twice a year
-    by me and when I have time (usually about three times a year, hopefully
before open house)
-    By me (and volunteers). Cleaning crew is supposed to do all surfaces;
they don't. All cleaning above the floors is done by me.
-    By library staff or student volunteers as time permits.
-    Weekly
-    twice/year by the custodian, at other times by me, occasionally
volunteers or students help
-    all three custodians work all day during the summer. They clean only
the tops and the empty shelves, once a year, during the summer
-    monthly, by us
-    If we are sent students from the dean’s office, or occasionally if we
have student teaching assistants

4.  Does the custodian arrange for cleaning?

-    only when I request it_
-    summer only, otherwise I do it.
-    no, the principal in charge of maintenance makes arrangements.  We have
daily cleaning which includes vacuuming and emptying trash. Once a year the
windows and carpet are cleaned. We request any other cleaning (such as
tables getting dirty) and we dust the shelves
-    no
-    They are very good at helping on specific problems/requests, but as for
scheduled cleaning - forget it.
-    yes…Our custodial staff cleans daily (empties trash, cleans rest room,
dusts TOPS of shelves) and vacuums
-    No
-    NO
-    no
-    the custodians wipe everything down during the summer cleaning and spot
clean other times.
-    no
-    only the carpet and linoleum floor waxing
-    No
-    The occasional writing and/or gum on shelves and furniture is cleaned
by custodian as soon as we discover it
-    Not a chance!
-    Custodians will also clean library windows from time to time
-    Supposedly
-    Custodian and or district cleaning crew cleans library i.e. Inside
windows, table tops, counters, same schedule as above for rug shampooing.
-    No
-    no___
-   not of shelves, only of floors, windows etc
-   Yes, but doesn't follow  through
-    yes___
-    NO___
-    NO
-    NO!
-    other than vacuuming, no, unless we specifically request it.
-    NO
-    no__
-    No, and never.
-    I learned today that the custodian dusts the top shelf and the unused
shelf space during the summer ( staff and time permitting)

5.  If so, how often?

-    everyday
-    once a yr. (in the summer)
-    Never
-    ??
-    as requested and in summers
-    once a week
-    as needed, (and usually not too promptly - they are over-worked).


Miriam Travis, Librarian
JF Kennedy HS

A closed hand never received anything...

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