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Dear LM_NET members,

I have a unique situation; at least I have not found much information in
print or on the web.

Next year I will be the librarian for a new middle school, grades 6,7,8,
which is being built to relieve overcrowding at three other middle schools.
 But due to construction delays, the school will not open until January
2000 with the beginning of the second semester.

We actually will not have any 8th graders to start with because the
authorities thought that most of them would want to finish their 8th grade
year at their current schools.  The 6th and 7th graders have been given the
option of changing to the new school at mid year or staying where they are.
 So we will open rather small with about 590 students.  The following fall
we will expect about 900.

We have a core team, including several teachers and administrators, for
planning and prepartation, and we have one semester to get ready.  We have
already planned several tranistion activities to get the kids together.

Have any of you had experience with opening a school in the middle of the
year?  Or do you know of any publications on this topic?  I would be very
grateful to hear from anyone who can offer advice and suggestions.  We hope
to avoid as many problems as possible and provide a smooth and exciting
transition for students and staff.

Thanks in advance,

Betty Matejowsky, Librarian
Paredes Middle School
Austin, Texas

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