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Dear friends,

Everyone at my school is so excited about an upcoming (mid May) visit
from author/illustrator Bernard Waber.  One of the kindergarten teachers
(who's also interning with me for her library certification) has written
a play based on the book YOU LOOK RIDICULOUS for her class to perform
during his visit. She chose this particular book because the animals are
African animals and our whole school is currently studying African
countries.  The fifth grade students are writing Lyle stories in which
Lyle visits a particular country that each student just happens to be
researching for our end-of-the-year culture fair. I really like both of
these projects because they tie our author visit into MacMillan's
international theme.  I'm writing in hopes of finding some more great
ideas of how to get the children involved with Mr. Waber's work before he
arrives.  I've searched the internet (without much luck) and I plan to
visit some local book and teacher stores to look for ideas to suggest to
my faculty, but..... I just knew some of you would have the best ideas of
all.  They don't necessarily have to relate to international studies.
Please share them with us.  I will post a hit, I promise.  Thanks in
advance and I'll also thank you afterward ;-) for your help.


Barbara Campbell
MacMillan International Academy
"One World, Many Friends"
Montgomery, Alabama

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