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I have just found out from a media clerk at the high school that we have been
having the same problem with lamps burning out on the Elmo projectors. She was
clever enough to follow through on the problem and her findings are:

Certain Elmo projectors have been recalled by the manufacturer due to a defect
in the lamp unit. Serial numbers for recalled Elmo projectors are 317683,
317737, 317742, 317732, 317684, 317688, 317668, 317690, 317745, 317743, 317523,
317691, 317546, 317516,317733, 317670, 317663, 317682, 317685, 317671, 317739,
317744, 317665, 317662, 317687, 317664, 317544, 317669, 317666, 317519, 317686,
317667, 317549.

If you call Elmo at 1-800-896-3566 or fax them at 1-877-777-1095, then Elmo
will send you a new projector and you return your old projector in the same box
postage paid. The new projector is free if you have one of the above serial

Also, the Elmo representative said instead of using FXL bulbs to switch to
ENX-5 bulbs which gives more hours of on-time but cuts the voltage just a bit.

Vicki Walker
Director of Instructional Media K-12
Southwest Allen County Schools
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Sent Using The Southwest Schools FirstClass E-Mail Gateway.
"Our Goal Is To Make A Difference"

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