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Just wanted to share a passage I found which gives a great
example of what we *don't* want our libraries to be like.
(CALIB LM_NETers, please excuse the cross-posting.)

        "Sometimes, Buffy wondered how Giles managed to keep his
job. Sure, he was well-liked by the students and the
faculty. But anyone who'd ever been into the library at
Sunnydale High School would have to admit he hadn't exactly
created an enviornment conductive to learning.
        The place was dark, dreary, and not terribly well
organized. The magazines Giles subscribed to for the school,
oddities ranging from Bon Appetite to The Fortean Times,
weren't things that immediately came to mind when one
considered the needs and interests of high school students.
In fact, if it were rare that students actually attempted to
use the high school library. It was far more likely that
anybody with a research project due would head over to the
town library instead."
                From _Child of the Hunt_ (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
 Nina Jackson
Franklin MS, Long Beach, CA

In literature as in love, we are astonished at what is
chosen by
others.--Andre Maurois

Strong school libraries increase student achievement.
                -California School Library Association

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