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I apologize for taking so long to post this information. Rather than cut
and paste from the responses I will summarize the results.
Several of the responders said their schools take the 6th grade
competency (expected outcomes) and require that all new teachers meet or
exceed that level.  No one said that currently working teachers are
denied contracts if the competencies are not met but there is an effort
to get everyone the training they need.  Many responders said that
teachers are given release time and substitutes to attend training
sessions but a few said that although the competencies are required,
there is little support from the system to get it.
Below is the minimum competency we have adopted for our staff:
Level 1: Basic skills
1) Identification, connection, start-up of computer systems (includes
identifying the components of a computer, ability to connect components,
boot-up and log-on/log-off, start applications, use mouse)
2) File management (format disks, create folders/directories, save to
floppy/hard drive/server, etc)
3) Word processing (keyboarding skills, function of icons/toolbars,
create/edit/name/save/open documents, formatting functions, insert
graphics, print functions)
4) Internet (use search engines, type in URL, use hyperlinks, create
bookmarks, understand/apply principles of AUP, understand/apply
principles of copyright law)
5) Email (type address of receiver, subject, message, send, file
attachment, reply/forward)
6) Software and Electronic sources (insert/install CD-ROM,
connect/operate LCD projector, understand/use library catalog,
understand/use electronic reference sources)
7) Troubleshooting (check connections, re-boot, document
procedures/error messages)

If anyone has questions about these, our Level 2 and Level 3
competencies, or about specific requirements, let me know. Have a good
weekend, folks!

Susan Grigsby, LMS
The Epstein School, Atlanta Georgia

Those who don't understand aren't committed...those who do should be.

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