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I received many requests for a hit on the information when I posted to
the group asking for any original ideas for part time work that could be
done preferably out of the home while I stay home with my two young
children. So here it goes.

First, let me thank everyone who sent kind words of support and
encouragement. I have printed them all out and I am going to save them
to read if I start feeling lonely in September! This group is wonderful

As for the employment ideas:

1. many people suggested part time work at a public library such as
storyteller/ weekend programmer/ reference desk /pt children's librarian

2. cataloging materials at home for companies etc.

3. Grant writing for schools/businesses

4. Independent Internet searching from home

5. Writing (Oh, if I only had the talent)

6. Consultant to area schools for library media issues

7. Independent bibliographic research

8. Professional organizer (National Association of Professional
Organizers has a website)

9. Substitute teaching

10. Library research for college professors

11. Teach library skills/research skills to home schoolers

Thanks to everyone for their input. Some of these ideas sound very

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