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A new Reader's Theater Edition has been added to my Web site at

RTE #23 -- Casey at the Bat

     By Ernest Lawrence Thayer

     GENRE: Poem
     CULTURE: U.S.
     THEME: Hubris
     READING LEVEL: Grades 4 and up
     READERS: 8+
     TIME: 4 min.

From my home page, click on Aaron's RT Page, then on Reader's Theater
Editions. As always, the script can be freely copied and performed for any
educational, noncommercial purpose.

Here is a full list of scripts now in the series. All stories are my own,
unless noted.

 1. "The Legend of Lightning Larry"
 2. "The Legend of Slappy Hooper: An American Tall Tale"
 3. "Savitri: A Tale of Ancient India"
 4. "Resthaven," by Nancy Farmer, from The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm
 5. "The War Prayer," by Mark Twain
 6. "The Enchanted Storks: A Tale of Bagdad"
 7. "The Gifts of Wali Dad: A Tale of India and Pakistan"
 8. "Peddler Polly and the Story Stealer"
 9. "The Baker's Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale"
10. "The Battle of Song: A Hero Tale of Finland," from The Maiden of Northland
11. "The Calabash Kids: A Tale of Tanzania"
12. "The Hidden One: A Native American Legend"
13. "Master Maid: A Tale of Norway"
14. "The Sea King's Daughter: A Russian Legend"
15. "The Millionaire Miser: A Buddhist Fable"
16. "How Violence Is Ended: A Buddhist Legend"
17. "Count Alaric's Lady," by Barbara Leonie Picard
18. "The Crystal Heart: A Vietnamese Legend"
19. "How Frog Went to Heaven: A Tale of Angola"
20. "The Magic of Mushkil Gusha: A Tale of Iran"
21. "Help! Hilary! Help!"
22. "Which Shoes Do You Choose?"
23. "Casey at the Bat," by Ernest Lawrence Thayer

Aaron Shepard

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