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Dear LM_NET Members,

One of the reasons why LM_NET has been successful is due to our etiquette
guidelines, which are interpreted by our Hospitality Committee.

It has been called to my attention by someone who recently posted a
message to the group that some members are sending direct reply mail which
is not in accord with our guidelines. Please note that this breech or
etiquette will not be tolerated, and that: "We will immediately drop
members posting rude, inflammatory or grossly inappropriate messages."

Here is our policy:

18. Flames: a "flame" is an emotionally charged posting, and is often
   directed at an individual who has posted to the group. Be sure you
   really want to post it, and remember that LM_NET does not tolerate
   flames. We will immediately drop members posting rude, inflammatory or
   grossly inappropriate messages.

   Note: This guideline includes private e-mail sent in response to
         to something that an LM_NET member has posted. It doesn't
         matter if you send the rude message to someone in private. If
         you reply to an LM_NET posting, please remember to be polite
         and civil.

Peter Milbury, Co-owner of LM_NET          pmilbury@ericir.syr.edu
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