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Hello everyone,
One of the teachers suspects plagiarism on a research paper on Roman
The work cited also seems suspicious.
Roman mythology is filled with flights of fance.  Roman mythology
touches all aspects of life.  It is in the sea, and all other waters,
and it in is the earth.  It is in the planets and constellations.  It is
of symbols and sacred beings.  Roman mythology was a belief system to a
people of long ago.  It contained their hopes and dreams, mingled with a
bit of Roman history and religion and a bit of Greek history and
religion.  But Roman mythology as an evolving story line did indeed come
to end.  Anthing with roots in an empire can only be as strong as the
empire itself.  The Romans created their mythology out of a need to have
history begin an end from within their own kingdom.  But when Rome fell,
its mythology fell with it and returned only in our collective memories
and in the pages of our history texts.  Rome itself never had any reason
to end its myth-copying ways..but when her speirit died.. she took all
of her life and stories with her.
Ahmed, Ehsan "Clement Marot, redeption, and the Temple de Cupido"  The
Romantic Review, v.88 n3 p357(7) (May 1997
Baaarolini, Teodolinda "Minos's tail: the labor of devising hell:, The
Romantic Review v87 n4 p.437(18) (Nov 1996
Berger. Anne-Emmanuelle"The lates word from Echo", New Literary History,
v.27 n4 p621 (20), (Autumn 1996)
Know, Peter E.  "Savagery in the Aeneid and Virgil's ancient
commentators", The Classical Journal, v.92 n3 225 (9) Feb-Mar 1997
Krupp, E.C> "the fountains of Neptune", Sky & Telescope. v92 n1 p.66(2)
(July 1996)

Any help would be appreciated.  I did use Eve software to know avail.

Maryanne Donnelly
Computer Integration Instructor

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