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Thanks to all who sent me information on CD-Rom Spanish encyclopedias.  The
results of my inquiry are:

1.  Several thought Groliers had a version.  (I have not been able to locate
        any info on this.)

2.  Enciclopedia Mutlimedia Salvat is available (but doesn't print), writes
        Nina Jackson     njackson_lib@lbusd.k12.ca.us

3.  Several wrote about the Encarta version (which most liked).
        Judith Schaffner (jschaffner@labornet.org)  wrote:  "Earlier this
year I found and posted the following information about the Span. lang.
 The actual information for ordering is available by calling:
1-800-249-8314. The encyclopedia costs $149 plus $5 shipping for a grand
total of $154. You can make a school check out to Microsoft and mail it
to: Microsoft Latin American Offer, PO Box 1095, Buffalo, NY 14240. If
you call and order it over the phone, charging it to a credit card, you
must FAX them the tax free number in order to receive the educational
exemption (716-447-7330). (They do not accept POs.)
        Much to my surprise, I was told that this 98 edition is not the
first Spanish language edition and that they have software in a number of
other languages as well. "

Susan Ludvigson
Library Media Specialist
Washington Middle School
Green Bay, WI

Susan Ludvigson
Library Media Specialist
Washington Middle School
Green Bay, WI

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