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Many thanks to all who offered support and shared horror stories on my vent
of Friday (no input into carpeting for summer).  The main advice centered
around --

<<You want static free carpeting - the computers will not like regular

Make sure it is laid under all cabinets and shelves incase you want to
later.  Make sure your floor is level under the carpets BEFORE the carpets
are put down.  Make sure the carpet is first quality.  Try to be there when

they put it in

make very sure that the carpet is laid from wall to wall wherever
possible. If you plan on putting in new shelves, have them installed before

Two other piecies of advice

<<just don't be available to work extra hours because they have screwed up.
 If you cover for them they will continue to make the decisions and let YOU
cover for them.  Why would they ever come to you first if you always make
every thing "right?" But all this demands a firm resolution not to bail
"them" out -- and put
the responsibility for it on their shoulders now that they have offered to

If the president of your parent organization can keep a straight face, and
if you can get a cooperative carpeting person, have them show up right
after lunch and tell the principal that his/her office is going to get new
carpeting that afternoon! You should be out of sight but not out of earshot
when the news breaks. Walk in about 10 seconds later and ask if you are
interrupting anything, but try to keep a straight face. He/she might get
the message.>>

Debbie Stafford
Gen. H.H. Arnold High School
Wiesbaden Germany
Now proudly on the web at www.wies-hs-odedodea.edu

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