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I received a few more additions to my policy/procedure list.  Here is the =
new, complete list, with the new items indicated by an *. =20


I received many ideas on what to include in my library*s policies and =
procedures manual.  The list is alphabetized below (my apologies for any =
duplications), and below that, a table of contents from an existing manual =
and a few other remarks.  Thanks to all who contributed!

Acceptable use policy
*Automation program information
Awards (Books)
Budget information
Budget (state fiscal year and any deadlines for maintaining the fiscal =
Channel One procedure
Checkout procedure when computers are *down*
Checkout procedures/rules
Class schedule
*Collection maintenance (shelving, weeding, mending, binding, card catalog =
Computer startup and shutdown procedures (includes passwords)
*Copyright and fair use
Curriculum frameworks and/or library standards
Description of community which library serves, including types of =
students, income levels, types of industries, special programs offered by =
the school, and other demographic info.Emergency procedures
*Directory (important numbers, suppliers)
*Disaster procedures (e.g. flooding)
End of the year report with statistics and pertinent events, copy of state =
report, 5-year plan
Gift policy
Goals and objectives of library built on school*s specific goals and =
Hours of availability
How students* library ID numbers are obtained, and master list
How to schedule the library/librarian\
*How To*s* on equipment available to check out and other library equipment =
(including copier jams and paper, fax machine, and voice mail on my phone)
Interlibrary loan policy
*Inventory (strategies, helpful hints, info from automation vendor)
Job description of media specialist
Job description of student aides (include duties for all aides, individual =
duties, shelfreading and dusting schedules)
Job descriptions of clerks/paras
Key list (which key opens which cabinets)
Library system membership (annual report due dates, library code, ILL =
information, contacts)
List of subs I like to use (former librarians)
*Local production policies (laminating, borrowing equipment, etc.)
Lost/Damaged book policy
Map of library
Media center rules
Name and number of district tech people
New students, new class orientation information
Ordering info, Jobbers used, Discounts
  *Explain budget codes and samples of forms used
Overdues (notification, consequences, fines)
Periodicals carried
Procedures (ordering, mending/binding/discarding, reporting to the =
administration, inventory)
Processing new books
Professional organizations
Policy section (selection, reconsideration, intellectual and physical =
access, gift acceptance, weeding, replacement, copyright, confidentiality, =
flexible scheduling, acceptable use)
Processing a/v materials
*Program philosophy (school & district mission statement, etc.)
Public library contact
Recess/door or other duties
Reconsideration/Challenge policy, procedure, and forms
Sample forms (district, building, and media center); blanks and completed =
Scheduling (schedule of daily classes and activities for a typical week, =
calendar of special activities and deadlines for the school year)
Scheduling information
School crisis plan
School organization chart showing clearly just where the library media =
specialist fits in
School*s and library*s mission statement and philosophy
Selection policy
*Software list
Student aides
*Substitute information (hours, schedules, etc.)
Supervision of lab/Internet policy
*Technology plan
Title page
*Training procedures for staff and student aides
Video checkout/return policy
Volunteers (criteria) and names
Volunteer training/procedures
Weeding policy

      Below is a list of the contents of the Programs, Policies, and
Procedures Manual we produced for our LC.  Literature on the programs
includes, philosophy, rationale, curriculum outline, and sample worksheets,=

etc.  Hope it's helpful.

Table of Contents

I.  Philosophy Statement

II.  Mission Statement

III.  Daily Operations

        1.  Opening Procedure
        2.  Operating the Charge Desk
        3.   Daily Schedule
        4.  Closing Procedure
        5.  Overdue Book Procedure
        6.  Lost Book Procedure
        7.  Video Interloan Procedure

IV.  Programs

        1.  Literature Awareness
        2.  Library Skills
        3.  Electronic Bookshelf
        4.  Rebecca Caudill Young Reader's Book Award
        5.  Battle of the Books
        6.  Children's Book Week
        7.  Question of the Week

V.  Policies

        1.  Overdue Book
        2.  Selection
        3.  Internet Access

VI.  Appendices

        1.  Job Description=20
        2.  Learning Center Program Guide

Caution about passwords:  have separate set for setup/shutdown--give subs =
access only to what is necessary to run the library--include a big warning =
about keeping them private.

*Be sure school board has policies for Internet/technology and challenged =
materials/reconsideration.  Be sure every administrator and staff member =
knows they exist.  If situations arise, follow the policies!

Linda Kramer=20
Media Specialist
Sibley East Schools
Gaylord, MN

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