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Here's a real challenge for me. If anyone can help with sources, I'd be
most appreciative! Part of a student's paper on vegetarianism deals with
the ethics of "going vegetarian." There's lots of material to  support
this part of the research. However, the teacher wants him to find
supporting material on the other side--that is, the ANTI-ETHICS (student's
term) of vegetarianism. Not so easy to find!! What's out there on the WEB,
for example, is (and I quote the student) "crackpotty stuff." (Like a
take-off on PETA site called "People Eating Tasty Animals." Also a site
offering "veg porn") Is there credible material anywhere to support the
idea that somehow this lifestyle can harm the environment and/or society?
I understand the argument about the vegans going so far as to deprive
themselves of B 12 , which results in stunted growth, etc., but that's a
nutritional aspect, and we're not having trouble with that part. What we
need, I suppose, is an article or other source by someone who thinks
eating meat is more ethical than the alternative. Ha! Good luck finding
this, I'm thinking, as I'm smiling and telling the kid I'll work on it.
Save me! Thanks.
Jody Gerlock, Librarian, Upper School        phone (609) 924-6700 ext. 241
Princeton Day School                                    fax (609) 924-7278
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